Main Speaker


Rachel Price

Rachel is the founder of the ministry Priceless Virtue and wa our keynote speaker. She is a motivational speaker, radio personality, author, wife, and mom. She loves Christmas, is a Honduras missionary, and loves baked pumpkin cheesecake.



Breakout Session Speakers


Pastor Nate and Monica Sweeney

Nate is the lead pastor at Catalyst Church, the author of The Abiding Church, and is addicted to Kennedy Coffee. His wife is Monica and they are the parents of three children.



Pastor Matt Newman 

Matt is the Family Pastor of Mosaic at Fellowship Bible Church. He is husband to Martha and father to son Levi and daughter Natalie. He is a guitar player and dancing machine, a Packers fan, and can be often found in costume.



Aaron Babyar

Aaron spoke to our older students on the challenges of appropriateness in social media (texting, images). Aaron has been married to Marque for 20 years and has 4 children. He is Regional Coordinator for Exago which partners with the National Network of Youth Leaders. Aaron is a Youth Pastor and has a deep passion to coach and encourage ministry leaders! He is licensed in private security and is a Chicago sports junkie.



Pastor Phil Bramel

Phil has been married to his wife Elizabeth for 25 years and has four redheaded sons. He is the director of NWA Momentum Ministries, a non-profit organization that equips teens in discipleship, leadership, and mentorship. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 25 years and serves as a bivocational youth pastor. He lost his father at a young age and grew up with a single mom and his passion is healthy families. He is an avid outdoorsman, a trap-shooting coach, and loves oatmeal scotchies but not milk.



Kristin Copher

Kristin is President of Pure Mission (PureMission.org), serving widows and orphans in sub Saharan Africa, and also works for the National Christian Foundation. She is putting her Finance Degree to good use for the Kingdom. Passionate about orphans and fighting human trafficking, she believes that every child deserves a family. Although she does not have cable TV, Kristin has fed sharks in the middle of the South Pacific, climbed glaciers in Alaska, trekked through the jungles of Rwanda to visit silver back gorillas, and ridden elephants bareback in Asia. She LOVES cheese dip at Abuelo's, craves cucumbers, tomatoes, and green beans, Coke, and gazing at puffy clouds. Young women and moms will be so blessed to learn from Kristin and hear her global perspective and compassionate spirit.



Erin Pham Jackson

Erin describes herself as a brand new bride, bad driver, singer, clutzy, and daughter of the most high God. Erin loves animals, traveling, family, and meeting people. She is passionate about sharing Jesus worldwide because He has so much to offer! Her favorite verse has to be Philippians 1:21 which gives purpose and perspective. She has a kitten named Princess and is diagnosed with narcolepsy. After their reception, Erin and her husband, Collin, headed straight to Maggie Moos for icecream in their wedding clothes!



Janelle Lunney

Janelle is married to Barry, who coaches football at The University of Arkansas. They have two precious sons, and experience many adventures. Janelle is a graceful, compassionate, communicator, and a wonderful mentor.




Kaylee Harper

Kaylee was a dynamic speaker to our younger girls! Kaylee attended Providence Classical Christian Academy, received National Merit Finalist Status, and homecoming queen her senior year! Kaylee has led many girls in NWA in discipleship and mentorship throughout her high school years, and has quite a following of younger friends. She now attends Ouachita Baptist University, majoring in mathematics and secondary education with minors in Hebrew and Greek. Kaylee loves books, walking barefoot, and does not like soda.



Natalie Anderson

A new mother of a beautiful boy, Peter, Natalie married the only boy she ever loved, Joshua. Natalie gets excited about things like chemistry and physics, sci-fi fantasy movies, books, and cheesy science jokes. She does NOT like traffic, slow computers, and finds both of these things as "growth opportunities." Natalie has a B.S. in Chemistry and M.S. in Biochemistry, and although she would someday like to use her education in some capacity, there is nothing in this world she would rather be doing than raising her son. One of her goals in life is to be an easy-going person who is free to be fully herself around everyone she comes in contact with. The Lord has recently been working in her heart an excitement for His Kingdom and the role we play in it growing in the world we live in.



Elizabeth Bramel

Elizabeth is wife to Phil and is a homeschool mom of four sons. She is a director at NWA Momentum Ministries, a non-profit organization that equips teens in discipleship, leadership, and mentorship. She loves baking cookies, going to the movies, experiencing things with people and pointing the way to Jesus. Her favorite subjects are to teach on purity and identity in Christ. She has lead the NWA Girls Retreat for six years out of a desire to see girls grow spiritually and emotionally, in character and self esteem.




Kimberly DeJarnatt

Kimberly has three children and is married to her husband Hal. She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and will be the Retreat's Emcee as well as a speaker to younger girls. She is a Professor of Statistics at John Brown University and leads childrens' choir and drama teams in churches and schools around Northwest Arkansas.





Brittany Vivian

Brittany says her life has always been struggle and beauty all rolled into one. Faith and fear, hopelessness and confidence, light and darkness. She loves to sing about these things and the faithfulness of God. She loves reading and writing, nature, girly stuff, studying brain science, and drinking coffee. God is faithful.




Chanika McLelland

Chanika's love for music began at age 5 and love for Jesus began when she was 17. Chanika describes her husband, Jarrett, as the "most incredible man." They have been married for 14 years, and have 2 gorgeous daughters, Kaiya (9) and Konli (5). Chanika loves family, coffee, being on the lake, action movies, and seeing people come to know our Father. Her passions are laughter and living this life to its fullest for Jesus! Chanika is creative, kind, genuine, and a great investor in others for the kingdom. Hebrews 12:1 is one of her favorites.



Elite Dance Studios

Several dancers who attend Elite Dance Studios performed a dance, choreographed by Amy Hulse, to a song called "Ballad of Rebirth" by Criston Mark featuring Brittany Vivian.