Individual Registration:

Complete one Registration Form for each individual. Use this form if you are a girl, an adult chaperone, or if you are a parent signing up for daughters--you will need to fill out a form for each individual! This is the $99 ticket price (until February 2nd) that includes meals, sessions, hotel, and other similar fees.

Do not use this form if you are buying out an entire room, or if you wish to have a private room (see Rooms, Question 1!).

Multiple Participant Registration:

If you would like to buy out a room, and not have other people assigned with you, this is the Registration Form for a group—youth group, a friend group, or mother-daughter(s) group (including at least one chaperone of 18+ years and older).

You can reserve a private room for a slightly additional price, for up to 6 people. (See the Rooms FAQ below for specific pricing!)




1.      What is a private room? And why would I want that?

You are able to purchase and buy out a whole room for you and your group (whether it's a youth/church group, a mother/daughter(s), or friend group!). If you're not wanting to be paired with other girls who are signing up as individual participants, you are able to select the Multiple Participant Registration to sign up multiple girls and buy out the entire room. (That turns out to be $195 for first participant, and then $80 for each additional participant after.) Look below for the prices which apply to the Early Bird pricing and will raise after February 2, which is already configured in the Multiple Participant Registration form:

  • One Girl= $195
  • Two Girls= $275
  • Three Girls= $355
  • Four Girls= $435
  • Five Girls= $515
  • Six Girls= $595

However, if you're fine with us selecting a group of other like girls to put you with, please fill out the Individual Participant Registration (also see Rooms, Question 4!).

2.     What if I’m only able to attend only on Saturday?

If you’re only able to attend the Saturday day session and you are a younger girl, it will cost you a total of $65 Early Bird price, and then $85 after the deadline date--this will not include Saturday breakfast, but will include all Saturday sessions, lunch, activities, and dinner. For the older girls, it will cost $70 Early Bird and then $90 after the deadline date--not including the Saturday breakfast, but does include the sessions, lunch, activities, and other meals. (The older girl price is higher due to a different catered lunch on Saturday.)

We will have a separate form for you to fill out soon!

3.     What if I want to be in a room with multiple girls, but they are organized into different tracks (e.g. one aged for the younger track, and another for the older track)?

Parents should determine the track of their student—the tracks are 4th-7th, and 8th-college. Smaller breakout sessions further divide into 4th-5th, 6th-7th, 8th-10th, 11-12th, college and moms/leaders. Our teaching is developmentally appropriate and not all students have the same needs. Students should be placed in a room with a chaperone attending the teaching track they are in. 

If you have a mixed track room, you need to have 2 chaperones (one for each track) in a room so that students are never left unattended but with their chaperones. Please make sure that you have these decided beforehand.

4.     My daughter is signing up and has no roommates...who will she room with?

In the form you have a spot to put in your room requests! We do our very best to be loyal to them and you! There are five girls and a chaperone per each room. If you don’t have that number (or know no one at all), we always personally organize these rooms according to commonalities such as church attendance, grade, school, or groups they affiliate with to make arrangements with you in mind!



1.      Who can be a chaperone?

You must be 18 or older to volunteer to chaperone! We want to get to know you and have chaperones that are safe and credible, and we are very careful in this selection. Many of our chaperones are moms, teachers, nurses, coaches, and youth leaders. We will decide our chaperones based on enrollment and contacting you, but please let us know if you would be interested! We need plenty of people like you! 

2.      When/what is training?

There is a training meeting on February 11 at 2pm at the Shadow Valley Country Club (7001 W Shadow Valley Country Club in Rogers, AR) and please let us know if you are out of the area, because we can equip you through an online video and other information.

At this workshop we will prepare you to learn all you need to teach and lead your girls (learning the craft, viewing our itinerary, where to go, and many other vital things).

This is necessary to your success! It helps you connect and is very informative and we are so happy to equip you for this. There is also a Facebook group, “BGR Chaperones”, which is a private group in that we can add you for updates and important information.



1.     When does the Early-Bird Price change?

After February 2, the price will change to $120. Before February 10, the price is $99.

3.     When does registration close?

Registration will close February 15, 2018.

4.     What if I need a refund?

Contact us if you need a refund for some reason. Wou will need to do so before January 23, 2018 (due to Hilton cancellation policies). It is a non-refundable price after this date.

We have a $60 cancellation fee.



If you have additional questions, please email

 us at nwabeautifulgirlsretreat@gmail.com.