Mentor or Chaperone

Going through the retreat as a mentor or a chaperone allows you the time needed to encourage and mentor young women! There will be five girls to a room and you will be matched with the age group you will be most comfortable with and get to be in on the fun experiences! You will play fun 'get to know you' games with your girls and have opportunities to talk late into the evening, paint you nails and encourage the next generation. You will lead your girls though the activities of the retreat and share meals. We will have classes just for you as well. It is going to be an incredible weekend for you to invest in your community. Year after year we have truly seen that chaperones get such a big take away and are blessed with special sessions just for themselves! Through this time, you will participate in a weekend getaway but also be stretched and poured into. 

If you are interested in chaperoning, please sign up on the registration page!

Chaperone training is held on TBD, Shadow Valley Country Club. Please plan to be there. A password will be released at the training for the below link. This link includes access to our chaperone packet and bible study that you will be moderating. Once you sign up you may contact Madison Kinderknecht 870.557.6444 to obtain the password to review before the meeting.